Thursday, November 19, 2009

Conner's 5th Birthday!

These are some cupcakes that I made for my newphew's fifth birthday party this year! I was actually very proud at the way that they turned out. I had to make them while I was dog sitting at someone else's house, so that made it a bigger challenge, but all turned out really well! :) These are some of the many cupcakes that I want to make from my Hello Cupcake book! I can't wait to make more! Hopefully I can make some turkey's for thanksgiving! :)
These are some pumpkin cupcakes that I made for a friend of mine for her church's Fall Festival. I was pretty happy about how these turned out too! :)

Here are some witches hats made out of fudge striped cookies, orange frosting, and a hershey kiss! This is a very quick and easy last minute snack for a Halloween Party or just for fun!

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